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2XU Kompressionsstrumpor

2XU Kompressionsstrumpor


The new 2XU Compression Performance Run Sock is our lightest, most breathable performance compression sock.

By blending powerful Sport Lycra with Nylon yarns in a new proprietary, medically engineered circular knit construction, 2XU has created a revolutionary new fabric that is powerful, super lightweight, highly breathable, with unparalleled longevity and durability.

The goal of any Performance Compression sock is to create a properly graduated compression fit to promote increased circulation while wrapping key muscles such as the calf and containing them in their proper firing position. Proper muscle containment more efficient performance plus a dramatic reduction in muscle vibration/oscillation leading to reduced muscle fatigue, damage plus reduced injuries such as shin splints.

Because of 2XU's new knit structure and more powerful fabric, 2XU's designers can now achieve these key compression properties while introducing highly breathable panels for increased airflow and moisture management. The 2XU Performance Run Sock is Powerful, yet extremely lightweight and highly breathable. 

Other features include, Flexible Tongue Zone, with minimal fabric at the top of the ankle to provide a flexible juncture with the shoe tongue eliminating bunching and pressure points.

Engineered Foot bed plus Heel, Optimal support for arch and Achilles with zoned padding for the heel, balls of the feet, and toe region for maximum comfort.

Linked Toe Cage/Vented Toe Panel, Maximum toe plus foot bed breathability, comfort, and wear.

The 2XU Compression Performance Run Sock can be worn during activity and post activity for enhanced recovery.

It's perfect for any and all athletics and also a terrific travel companion for DVT protection while flying. Powerful, versatile, long lasting, lightweight plus highly breathable, The 2XU Compression Performance Run Sock will multiply your performance giving you more power with less fatigue and a more comfortable, enhanced recovery after.


  • 72% Nylon/28% Invista Sport Lycra
    Hand Wash
    Powerful, yet super lightweight and highly breathable; Run further with less fatigue and more comfort
    Proprietary knit structure for maximum compression integrated with highly breathable panels for increased airflow and moisture management
    Increased circulation during activity/recovery via proprietary Compression Fit Technology and medically engineered circular knit fabric
    Run further with less fatigue and more comfort and recover faster
    Made in Taiwan



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